Subject Line: Story Submission: Me and Marvin: A Memoir of THE Anthem


For your consideration, I am submitting the following first person account of Marvin Gayeís legendary 1983 All-Star Game National Anthem which I viewed in person from approximately 100 feet away. I am attempting to get my story published in a manner that will garner it the widest possible readership.

Reasons you should consider publishing the story:

  1. The Story Is Timely: With the All-Star Game taking place in 3 weeks, you might be looking for fresh historical material about the Game. This piece fits in that category.

  2. The Story (of Marvinís Anthem) Is Important: The Anthem caused a huge sensation when it happened yet few under 30 are aware of it. My goal in trying to get my story published is to drive the video of Marvinís Anthem ( to the front page of You Tube where millions of people can see, experience, and hopefully be inspired by it. We are almost at the Anthemís Silver Anniversary and such an important event should be revisited.

  3. The Story is Short and Professionally Written: I write industry-specific articles ( as part of my job, so this isnít a poorly-written hack job. Reading the story hopefully will make you want to watch the videoÖwhich is precisely why I wrote it.

  4. The Style of the Story is Surreal Which Matches the Surreal Nature of the Event.

Please offer me your feedback.

Todd Mintz